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Eyes turned upwards? Fainting Spells? Jerks? Click here to know more about Epilepsy & Best Homeopathic treatment for Epilepsy near you.

Children diseases

The child is the future. Try safe homeopathic medicines without any side effects. Read more about Child Diseases.


Is he not making eye contact? Is he not talking? is he not responding to your commands? Don't worry. Click here to know more about AUTISM treatment


Is he naughty? Is he troubling you? Does he disturb class purposely? No!! he is ADHD. Don't get angry. Give him best homeopathic treatment for ADHD

Developmental Delay

Has your child missed a milestone? Is he not talking? Click here to know more about Developmental Delay & Best Homeopathic treatment for Developmental Delay near


Thyroid is the powerhouse of the body. Click here to know more about Thyroid Problems & the Best Homeopathic treatment for Thyroid disorder near you.


Suffering from seasonal weather changes? Click here to know more about Allergies & Best Homeopathic treatment for Allergies near you.

Hormonal Disorder

Weight loss? Hair loss? Irregular periods? Hot flashes? Click here to know about Hormonal Disorder & Best Homeopathic treatment for Hormonal Disorder near you


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Homeopathy eradicates diseases from its root and give a long-lasting relief in most of the chronic illness. Can't believe ??.. Read More

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Do homeopathic medicines contain steroids? Will my disease increased first and then reduce? Many such doubts !!... Read More

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Seeing is believing. Search through our wide database of diseases cured by homeopathic medicines and get convinced...Read More

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We at HomoeoCARE take care of allergic agents by building up their immune system to such great extend that ther body itself manages to fight back without provoking an allergic response in an individual.



Atopic Dermatitis is a chronic, itchy skin condition that is very common in children but may occur at any age.

Before and After Psoriasis Treatment


Psoriasis is a non contagious disease caused due to rapid production of cells on top layer of skin, which results in dry scaling of the skin.

Before and After Allergy Treatment


Allergy is the hypersensitive (abnormal) response to an allergy, which is otherwise harmless to the body.

Before and After Warts Treatment


Wart are non cancerous epidermal growth, which is generally caused due to the Human Papiloma Virus(HPV).

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