Hypothyroidism wth Diabetes

Homeopathic treatment for Hypothyroidism with Diabetes

Mrs. DM, 39-year-old Software Expert came for treatment of her Primary hypothyroidism at HomoeoCARE. She was complaining of Hypothyroidism since 1995 and was taking Thyronorm 50 mg/day. She also complained of Diabetes Mellitus since 2007 and was taking Riomet 1000 mg twice a day. She was also suffering from Hypertension since 2005 and was on Ramipres 50mg/day for it. The patient was having various medicines and thought that for her multiple complaints it would take at least 5-6 years for Homoeopathy to help her out or it may not even help her at all with her complaints.

Homeopathy has a lot to offer?

She was experiencing a lot of tiredness and could not work. A person who was active for 18-20 hrs per day was not able to work for an hour at a stretch…Why?? Thyroid is the "powerhouse of the body" which is responsible for energy supply for metabolism of "each and every cell of our body". Low energy in thyroid patient is because of the hypoactive or slow working of the thyroid. Hence patient feels so drained out despite taking artificial hormone in form of Thyroxin/Eltroxin because it is not their body’s own hormone, they are ARTIFICIAL, their own synthesis of T3, T4 has stopped.

Before treatment at HomoeoCARE

The patient was having terrible mood swings and everyone had to bear the brunt of it. She was putting on weight rapidly. There was dryness of skin which was getting worse day by day. BLOOD GLUCOSE FASTING 219 in 2009. BLOOD GLUCOSE PP 289 in 2009. Blood Pressure was Running 140/100 in 2009. The first thing to improve was her mood swings, the husband was happy about the calmness that started to pour into her. Even the patient felt at ease, as her LOST ENERGY LEVELS STARTED TO RESUME. This happened because of “synthesis of HER OWN T3, T4 BY THYROID GLAND” The “POORLY WORKING THYROID GLAND HAS STARTED TO WORK” This is evident from her thyroid profile, in Jan 2010. Now since her own body is producing hormones, we started tapering off her thyroxin, was put on 50/25mg/day, in April 2010 reports were….Despite reducing dosages body is compensating, so further tapered off to 25mg/day thyroxin, in August 2010. Her weakness became less. Her mood swings were better. Her dryness has reduced. Her sleep has become refreshing. She is able to work efficiently as she used to work before having hypothyroidism and this makes her most happy. But what about her diabetes and hypertension. Will Homoeopathy come to her rescue against these diseases whose medicines run for the whole life? Since the patient is getting rid of her thyroid disorder. Our second aim was to make her Diabetes better and we did that too. Gradually blood glucose levels started to improve. She has stopped putting on weight easily. On 7th April 2010, blood glucose was high, fasting 230. 5,  pp 252.4. Next Challenge was to control Blood Glucose, In 20 days it started to regress and on 26-4-2010, fasting was 130. 2, pp was 148. 2. Since glucose started to come down we started reducing her Riomet and in August 2010 blood sugars were 109. 7.

After treatment at HomoeoCARE

Not only her thyroid was improving but also her Diabetes was improving. If one endocrine gland i.e the thyroid is coming in order than another endocrine gland i.e the pancreas is also following it.Even if her thyroid and diabetic medicines are being reduced what about her blood pressure then. Her blood pressure which always used to be 140 /100 before coming to us started to regress. It came in the range of 130/90, so started tapering off anti-hypertensive Tab. Ramipres also. Despite reducing her medicines she is doing well. In November 2011 her thyroid profile was absolutely normal. She got rid of her multiple tablets. She is living life without the clutches of allopathy. Not only she feels physically better but also mentally calmer. Homeopathy showed its efficacy even in patients with multiple disorders. The patient got rid of her complaints one by one in a gentle and harmonious manner without any injections or bloodlettings.

  Before During After
T3 0. 94 o. 76 1. 59
T4 7. 20 8. 30 9. 85
TSH 1. 98 0. 85 1. 32

50mg/day thyronorm

Riomet bds

Ramipres od

50/25 thyronorm

Riomet od

Ramipres alternate day

Zero thyronorm

No Riomet

No Ramipres

Other investigations

Fasting Sugar 230. 5

PP Sugar 252. 4

B. P 140/100

Fasting Sugar

130. 2

PP Sugar

148. 2


Fasting Sugar

109. 7

B. P 130/90


The best part of the whole treatment was that it did not take 5-6 years for her to be better. All her complaints started improving gradually and she was off her allopathic medicines in less than 2 years time. Lifetime medications and diseases were replaced by lifetime happiness and health.

Before treatment at HomoeoCARE


Before treatment at HomoeoCARE



During treatment at HomoeoCARE



After treatment at HomoeoCARE



After treatment at HomoeoCARE



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I have been pretty happy with the treatment of my daughter. After joining HomoeoCARE, I am delighted to find that her height has significantly improved in span of 18 months. Thanks to HomoeoCARE for their approach of treatment and much appreciated.

I got good results within ten months of starting treatment for Alopecia. I can see the difference. The density of my hairs has also improved with treatment. Thank you HomeoCARE for dealing with my health issues very appropriately. It's the greatest change for me in my life!

I got good results within ten months of starting treatment for Alopecia. I can see the difference. The density of my hairs has also improved with treatment. Thank you HomeoCARE for dealing with my health issues very appropriately. It's the greatest change for me in my life!

I started my treatment from HomoeoCARE in August 2015. I was facing lot of problems, then homoeocare doctors treated me so well. Dr Nancy helped a lot and now my problem has been decreased. Earlier I was facing hair problems, then I started treatment and my problem has been finished. I was also having eyes problem .My eyes were so dry and now the dryness has been decreased. I was also having breathing problem and now it has been controlled. I am very happy with HomoeoCARE. They treated me so well, their doctors listened my every problem.

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Jyotsana pehle kaafi jyada bimar rehti thi jaise fever, cold, cough, vomiting, skin problem, eyes problem takreeban saari hi bimariyaan thi . Kariban 1 month se ye sab kuch nahi hai, Jab se homoeocare me aaye hai. pehle khane pine me bhi muskil thi lekin ab thoda theek hai. Umer ke sath bimariyaan kam hone ki bjaye increase ho rahi thi . Lekin yahaan aane par kaafi fark padha hai . Pehle inhaler nebulizer 6-7 baar dena pdta tha lekin ab kareeb 1-1.5 mahine se nahi diya hai, pehle balgam bahut banta tha lekin ab aisa nahi hai. sneezing and cough bhi lagbag kam hi hai.

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