Primary Hypothyroidism and Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment for Primary Hypothyroidism

Mr. NJ, 34-year-old Engineer came for treatment of his hypothyroidism to HomoeoCARE in April 2009. His thyroid profile in 2008 showed that TSH shot up to 203.76. Even his T3 and T4 was reduced. He was taking 100 mg of thyroxin every day.

Before treatment at HomoeoCARE

Before coming to HomoeoCARE, he was taking tablet Thyroxin 100 mg/day. Despite taking medicine his swelling and weight were increasing. Body aches and fatigue were reducing his working capacity day by day. His gastric complaints, acidity, constipation troubled him 24 hrs and had no relief.

During treatment at HomoeoCARE

He began treatment for hypothyroidism from HomoeoCARE in April 2009. His acidity and constipation were relieved, he started enjoying his meals again. In July 2009 within 3 months of treatment, his TSH  improved drastically, and it reduced from 203.76 to 12.97 but still, normal range was yet to achieve. In September 2009 his TSH was 2.96.

After treatment at HomoeoCARE.

After Treatment at HomoeoCARE  As TSH had reduced, and the patient was improving it was the right time to reduce thyroxin. Gradually thyroxin was reduced. In January 2010 after tapering thyroxin completely his TSH increased slightly to 6.27. This was because of completely stopping the external aid of thyroid medicines. This is temporary and the TSH will again come back to normal because his own thyroid gland is now active and working. An increase in TSH after tapering the thyroxin tablets is temporary and this increase will push the thyroid to work more to produce an adequate amount of thyroid hormone. All requirement of thyroxin of the body has to be met by synthesis of thyroxin inside the body only and not by external supply of thyroxin in form of tablet available as "Thyronorm, Eltroxin or Levothyroxine".

But would these little pills be able to compensate for the external hormone not been taken by the patient?

These homeopathic pills are not hormones, but they just stimulate your own neuro-hormonal axis so that body produces the desired hormones on its own and does not require lifelong substitute of hormones in the form of tablets. These sweet little pills make your own endocrinal system work in a normal manner as it works in normal healthy individuals without any external medicines. Hence treatment is not lifelong.

What do these little white pills do?

We do not feed you with hormones but tell your own system to work. One requires 1 to 3 years of regular treatment to get rid of them. Depending upon individual response as your own body starts the hormone synthesis we taper off your tablets and then gradually stop them. Hence compared to lifetime treatment it is a faster, better and safest mode of treatment.

How one comes to know about hormone synthesis!!!

Evidence of hormone synthesis is established by a complete Thyroid profile, which is conducted and monitored for all thyroid patients regularly at HomoeoCARE. Complete means T3, T4, TSH and not only TSH as we expect T3, T4 to rise after our medicines.

Little pills acted as wonder pills and in April 2010, TSH came down to 3.29 and also his T3, T4 went up. Indicating that body now has overcome the demand of external tablet on its own and is synthesizing thyroxine with the help of Homoeopathic medicines only.

After treatment at HomoeoCARE, in Nov 2010 TSH was 4. 62.

  Before During After
T3 0. 25 125. 96 1. 15
T4 1. 50 4. 41 7. 10
TSH 203. 76 12. 97 4. 62
Tablet 100 50 0


After Treatment at HomoeoCARE, His tiredness and stiffness have gone. Acidity has become a thing of past. Weight was 86 kgs when he came to us, now it is 84.2kgs. He is living without popping thyronorm and morning time has been replaced from medicine time to merry time.

Before treatment at HomoeoCARE


During treatment at HomoeoCARE


After treatment at HomoeoCARE.






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I have been pretty happy with the treatment of my daughter. After joining HomoeoCARE, I am delighted to find that her height has significantly improved in span of 18 months. Thanks to HomoeoCARE for their approach of treatment and much appreciated.

I got good results within ten months of starting treatment for Alopecia. I can see the difference. The density of my hairs has also improved with treatment. Thank you HomeoCARE for dealing with my health issues very appropriately. It's the greatest change for me in my life!

I got good results within ten months of starting treatment for Alopecia. I can see the difference. The density of my hairs has also improved with treatment. Thank you HomeoCARE for dealing with my health issues very appropriately. It's the greatest change for me in my life!

I started my treatment from HomoeoCARE in August 2015. I was facing lot of problems, then homoeocare doctors treated me so well. Dr Nancy helped a lot and now my problem has been decreased. Earlier I was facing hair problems, then I started treatment and my problem has been finished. I was also having eyes problem .My eyes were so dry and now the dryness has been decreased. I was also having breathing problem and now it has been controlled. I am very happy with HomoeoCARE. They treated me so well, their doctors listened my every problem.

-Davinder Kaur

Doctors are really good, prompt action whenever i called in any emergency situation.

Homeocare really make my life easier as my both kids improved their immunity with medicine, fully satisfactory treatment.

-Divashi and Akshan

Jyotsana pehle kaafi jyada bimar rehti thi jaise fever, cold, cough, vomiting, skin problem, eyes problem takreeban saari hi bimariyaan thi . Kariban 1 month se ye sab kuch nahi hai, Jab se homoeocare me aaye hai. pehle khane pine me bhi muskil thi lekin ab thoda theek hai. Umer ke sath bimariyaan kam hone ki bjaye increase ho rahi thi . Lekin yahaan aane par kaafi fark padha hai . Pehle inhaler nebulizer 6-7 baar dena pdta tha lekin ab kareeb 1-1.5 mahine se nahi diya hai, pehle balgam bahut banta tha lekin ab aisa nahi hai. sneezing and cough bhi lagbag kam hi hai.

Thanks to HomoeoCARE